Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Potong rambut

Saturday pergi potong rambut di favourite salon jumpa Carmen. Bukan Carmen Electra ye, ni Carmen Chan. Motif promote Carmen kat sini.

My husband dah pesan jangan potong pendek, tak suka katanya. Carmen has been doing my hair for more than a couple of years now, convincing me to colour my hair. Oh no, not now, nanti doctor I marah.

I’m not very adventurous with hair, the most is I mintak Carmen to trim 2-3 inches je. Most of the time she doesn’t pressure me into doing something that I’m not so sure about. So ko ikut je la cakap aku Carmen.

Before, rambut memang hitam la.

So I made my stylist to cut it shorter, say 4 inches but still reasonably good long length, and she suggested a layered cut for me. Ni routine 1-2 bulan sekali la ni, nothing new :D I saw my hair fall on the floor dengan byknya and I was like; BYK TU. When I saw my hair in the mirror, my hair wasn’t really that short. Well, I could not explain it, but it is nice!

Teng tereng
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I'm loving it

So how often do cut/trim your hair? Rambut I cepat panjang la. Is it bad or good?

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