Sunday, April 4, 2010

Anak buah and us

Aren't they just adorable? Dah besar dah mereka ni.

Baby boy hates the camera, but I managed to get a picture in before he started to fuss. 21 months old, weight is *blush* 13 kg. Berat la tu untuk ketinggian yg tak seberapa hehe. Only the men in the family can carry him. As for the women especially me need to eat first before can do that. Hehe. <--- exaggerate je ayat ni.

18 months old baby girl loves camera, hmm bab ni mesti genetic mama dia kuat hehe. Likes to pose in front of the mirror with her favourite necklace, err actually it's her mama's necklace. Berat tak berapa berat, tapi kaki panjang ok. Ikut aunty dia (tuan punya blog) hehehe :P

Ha yang ni pun adorable jugak heheh. Especially yang tengah tu *pangggggg*. Happy Sunday uols.

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