Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kenapa baca blog?

Nak tanya kan, are there certain bloggers that you read his/ her blog daily tak kisah la topic pasal apa pun??? Tak semestinya jadi follower kan, mungkin hanya silent reader kepada mereka? Or are you the type who browse titles and only click if it sounds interesting enough?

I have to say I fall into both category 1 & 2 ; there are a few I read no matter what the title says. Ada orang baca saja nak tau cara kehidupan orang lain someone else's life dan bla2. I read blogs for different reasons such as:

  • sometimes to be entertained, sometimes saje nak tau lifestyle orang lain
  • read the blogs that I can relate to. The way I look at it, like we are all in the same boat, and we can all learn from each other.
  • Ada jugak la yang takde kene mengena tapi suka gak baca. Yang bahasa sempoi and lawak2 skit. I like to learn about how other people think.

Sekadar gambar hiasan, cilok from here.

My way of writting blog is like my ramblings page. It's just my thoughts and what I happen to be thinking at that particular time or activity/ event happened that I wish to share. I don't expect everyone to read and agree every single thing I write because everyone have different preference. So do I. Ada jugak some things that bugged me about certain blogs (no, I'm not naming names here coz I'm not perffect either) such as:

  • Bloggers who don't provide any "about me" info on their blog, or pointers to it elsewhere on their site. I like to know more about the people I'm reading.
  • When a blog takes forever (and a mean more than 5 minutes!) to load.
  • Blogger yang suka cerita hal2 dalam rumahtangga yang tak sesuai dicerita untuk 18 tahun ke bawah. Even if it is meant for 18 above, macam tak sesuai je cerita hal dalam kelambu kan?

That's all I guess. The rest are fine. Ada orang tak gemar bloggers yang ala2 menunjuk dalam blog etc. Itu tepuk dada tanya selera. I dont have any problem with that. Mungkin mereka2 ni tak berniat menunjuk pun sebab memang itu gaya hidup dia. "You should look for blogs that write about the areas that interest you. You can also read blog that people you know or that you're interested in are writing." source : wikepedia.

Tak suka jangan baca, simple kan? Tak payah tinggal kan komen yang menyakitkan hati. Bersopanlah anda walau di alam maya sekali pun. Syukur takde lalat2 singgah lagi di blog ni :) mungkin kurang popular hehehe.

That's all for today. Have a good day.

p/s setengah orang tak suka baca entry panjang kan?

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