Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Fuh nasib ada pic2 ni, sempat la buat entry ni :) Sementara ingat dan takde topik (kang citer pasal spital je ada yg boring hehe) and since tag ni dekat di hatiku, I buat tag ni dulu ye. Tag dari qellissa :)

1. Snap the picture both inner and outer of the wallet.

I thought it would be fun to ‘literally’ show you, in pictures, what’s in my wallet. Tgk dari jauh je la.


2. Introduce your wallet brand, price, where you buy

LV monogram canvas wallet hadiah from husband so price adalah rahsia. Bought in masa trip to Paris end 2008. The only complaint is the coin pocket. It is a little small and a little hard to get coins out of. Tapi kalau bawak handbag/ clutch kecik2 I don't use this purse. Or kalau kena bermalam di hospital ke, I just use it my smaller purses as a spare.

3. Take out whatever inside your wallet (at least 5 pictures)

I have only 1 credit card and the rest are 2 atm card and lots of loyalty and membership cards. I think I should not bring my wallet when going out. Because i tend to spend more than usual hehe.

Duit masa hari di snap. Skrg yilek. Tinggil duit kaler merah 2 helai je. *nanges*

ATM card, credit card, TnG spare, loyalty card
Klinik/hospital card, kad2 sampah? MyKad, liscense.

4. Snap a picture of you with your wallet.

5. Tag 5 person.

ana, k.ina, aishah, sirna, kauthar :)

And to sesiapa berminat nak buat, leh ke entry dia ni untuk copy soalan :)

So what's in your wallet? Berketul2 duit I supposed?

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