Sunday, June 28, 2009

Is everyone a MJ fan?

I’ve never really considered myself to be a huge Michael Jackson fan. Or course I admire his voice and dancing talent especially his moonwalk step tapi saya bukanlah follower yang setia i.e beli kaset, cd, download mp3, video apatah lagi pergi concert MJ.

Hari Jumaat pagi, I was at MIL house, my BIL told us that MJ dah mati. I (I thought i) only heard six-seven of his songs but that didn't stop me from sobbing when he died. Tetiba rasa kehilangan.

When every radio station was playing MJ songs, I realized I knew his songs a lot better than I thought I did. Bukan takat six-seven, it's more than that! His music is so deeply 'masuk' ke dalam jiwa, I would say culture that any person on the street can sing a few lines from "Billy Jean" or the chorus of “Beat it.”, contohnya. Even for those of us who didn't live through his zaman kegemilangan, he has affected today's music more than we will ever know.

Setuju tak?

I think everyone can appreciate his amazing voice and dancing talent, which we might not see or hear the likes of again. Tapi yang aku tak paham nya, why is it that only in death is someone finally taken seriously?

Contohnya suami saya la hehe. Tetiba nak download vc MJ, mp3 dan even dalam bilik pun nak bukak radio kot2 radio mainkan lagu MJ;i.e. tribute to MJ.


p/s my favourite song; Beat it and Smooth Criminal. Layannnnnn.

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