Thursday, December 31, 2009


Abah's dinner treat at Subak @ Penchala. For detailed information, refer to Subak's website and for detailed review, you may refer here (credit to blog owner). Wah senang kerja aku takyah review.

A balinese concept, cozy, romantic, elegant place to be at. Sesuai sangat celebrate annivesary, birthday or mothers/fathers day kat sini. Korang nak dating2 dan bercandlelight dinner datang la sini. Very the sesuaiii.

Puji puji gak.

I'm quite disappointed with the quality of my food and drink. Had Aglio Olio that is not up to my liking and Rasberry Mango Soda that taste like ubat batuk. Serious macam ubat. Aku dah la tak suka makan ubat. Btw mama's tomyam soup sedap and Abg Edi's nasi goreng pun not bad.

I was busy eating and complaining (dalam hati je la) that I forgot to take the food photo heheh.

Oh satu nasihat, wear flats or good shoes to climb up to the restaurant and jalan2 atas tu, kaki maybe tersangkut. Pergi and you'll know what I mean :)

nota kaki : my hubby takde di bumi mesia. too bad takleh join :P

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